Uber has since March been searching for a chief operating officer

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Uber is currently spending extravagantly on money-losing ventures into self-driving cars and food delivery. Such ventures span beyond any single geography. The Silicon Valley giant’s board is also about to take a bigger responsibility in the CEO’s absence.

Bill Gurley, David Bonderman, and Arianna Huffington all spoke at a staff meeting held last month to talk about personnel issues and sexism. Bonderman uttered a sexist statement at that meeting and resigned later that day. In the meantime, Uber confronts major threats globally. Uber is confronting pressure to staunch losses at just eight years old.

Holt’s region accounts for almost half of Uber bookings, but she has had to find the middle ground between gunning for revenue and defending against Lyft Inc., Uber’s U.S. foremost competitor. Gore-Coty struggles with the risk of the European Union striking a distressing blow to his business there. In May, a certain top court advisor there said Uber should not be treated like a technology outfit but as a transportation company. The alteration would expose Uber to many regulatory risks.

As for Macdonalds, the most recent disaster is in India. Uber revoked costly enticements paid to drivers. India’s Uber’s employees are generally poor and ever unhappy. The step ignited a public-relations issue nationwide and a moral argument inside Uber.

To make matters worse, India has been stirred last month by claims of Uber’s transgression in a 2014 rape case in the country. The episode led to the dismissal of no less than two executives.

The victim sued, and Uber gave out an apology shortly after. As the mistake shows, regional operators are not exempted from the plights at Uber’s core, regardless of the degree of independence they are afforded.